WTC: The Book

WTC: The Book is your foundation for understanding the basics of how businesses make money online. Inside, you’ll discover the parts and processes that go into a successful, profitable website that gets traffic and helps businesses reach their goals.

You’ll learn the language of internet marketing to help you better understand the industry as a whole. WTC: The Book provides a definitive learning experience filled with actionable advice, examples, and illustrations designed to get you started on the right foot.

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How To Create The Perfect Local Business Facebook Page

Whether you’re a Facebook aficionado who needs a refresher on features or have never logged in before, you’ll learn something new in this how-to reference guide. How To Create The Perfect Local Business Facebook Page will help bring your Page up to date.

Facebook is the one platform that businesses can’t afford to get wrong. But with new updates coming out all of the time, it can be difficult for Page managers to keep up with best practices and create a Page that looks great, gets discovered, and helps convert visitors into leads.

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