Who we are

WTC Education develops digital marketing resources for anyone interested in making money online…and we mean anyone!

Sure, there are thousands of other digital marketing blogs online, but most rely on confusing jargon and acronyms that require a marketing degree to understand.

We believe that promoting your business online doesn’t have to be complicated.

We created WTC Education because we struggled to build our first businesses. We learned a lot along the way.

We create the resources we wish we had five years ago.

To make marketing easier for you, we offer blog posts, downloadables, e-books, and seminars that guide you through:

  • Building your website
  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Converting that traffic through your website’s goals

WTC Education wants to help you see an internet that involves your business. Check out our blog and you’ll be well on your way.

Meet the Team
Zach Ball
Zach Ball is co-CEO of WTC. He's an expert technical SEO who specializes in online marketing and link building. Zach shares his tried-and-true digital marketing strategies around the country at various tradeshows and around the web with his writing. Zach lives with his family and dogs in Boise, ID.
Nathan Smith
Marketing Director and Web Content Editor
Although Nathan Smith has seen different parts of the world, he is pleased to be able to say that the beautiful Idaho landscape has been his home for over 40 years. He brings to the WTC team his background that includes Sociology, Social Work, Counseling, Business Management, Healthcare Administration and Marketing.
Megan Williams
Curriculum Coordinator
Megan Williams is a poet and writer based in Boise, Idaho. When not working as the editor of WTC Education, Megan runs GHOSTS & PROJECTORS. a poetry reading series and Big Tree Arts. She also likes to concoct new ways to prepare kale for her hunny and her bunny.
Kate Smith
Staff Writer
Kate Smith is a Content Marketing Specialist at WTC Marketing. Her background is an odd hybrid of philosophy and SEO. She is a hobby magpie, picking up such shiny interests as reading Shakespeare, translating Ovid, and horseback riding. You can reliably find her playing video games or pretending to know how to take a decent photo.
A.J. Ogden
Graphic Designer
A.J. Ogden is a Graphic Designer and Propaganda Specialist for WTC Marketing. After attending the University of Utah chasing snow, he graduated from Boise State University with honors in Graphic Design. A.J. spends his summers pretending to play golf and winters on snow covered hills trying to surf the earth.
Jeriann Watkins
Content Developer
Jeriann Watkins has been writing poems and stories since she was four. Currently, she develops the written content for the websites we create. In her spare time, she also runs her own blog and edits fantasy novels for friends.
Trevor Spielman
Project Manager
Trevor Spielman has lived in Idaho his entire life and has yet to figure out why people can't drive in snow. When he's not stuck in snow-delayed traffic, he spends his time training his dogs, mountain biking, or playing soccer. At WTC, he's the guru of "Icandoit," meaning he can either do it or will figure out how to do it before you.
Jan Schmidt
Social Media Coordinator
Jan's true passion remains "all things creative and social." Spending more than a decade in the South gave her an opportunity to work as a freelance designer and writer for HGTV.com. Jan considers herself fortunate to be able to do what she loves, live where she’s happy, be married to her best friend, and be a mom to two delightful children.
Mike Bryant
Events Manager
Mike is the son of a potato farmer. His foundation in event management comes from 12 years in the hotel industry managing hundreds of corporate, government, and social events of all shapes and sizes. Mike spends his free time as a photographer, artist, husband, and father.
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